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7-Eleven has evolved from a lone Texas ice house to a global chain of more than 48,000 stores that serve up Slurpees, hot coffee, Big Gulps, snack foods, and fuel to hungry commuters, road trippers, and folks who need to pick up a few items on the wa... Show More
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7-Eleven Shopping Policy

7-11 is not shipped to your country/region, then you need to ship your items to a package transportation company in the United States, and then the package will be shipped to your international location. Our recommendation is, because we have shipped more than 1,000 packages through six different package shipping companies, and MyUS has the lowest price, tax-free, and is by far the most popular US package shipping company.

7-Eleven Return Policy

7 Eleven company information. Items must be returned to EPE International for review at their own expense. All returned goods must be accompanied by the store number and the contact person responsible for the return. The customer service team will review and contact you for discussion upon receipt.