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Borghese US

Borghese brings the Italian spa culture and beauty to life with its range of high quality skincare and cosmetics. Designed to revive your skin and spirit, Borghese products are inspired by Italy’s natural resources and beauty rituals. Shop masks, exf... Show More

FAQ for Borghese US

  • Q: Contact RéVive

    RéVive are located in the United States.  Our address is:

    RV Skincare LLC

    • 20 West 22nd St. #1405

    New York, NY 10010

  • Q: I am afraid of having a surgical procedure but there is a BIG reunion in a few months and I want to look fantastic at the event. Is there anything that can perform a small miracle on my skin?

    How does this sound? Up to a 45% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles! Smoother, more even skin tone, an increased glow, and the benefits of resetting your skin's "aging clock" by five years or more. All in a months time with the nightly use of Peau Magnifique Youth Recruit. The results are indelible and life changing. RéVive has pushed the envelope further from scalpel to test tube and Peau Magnifique will have your friends remarking on your skin.

  • Q: Are the products fragranced?

    There is no fragrance added to the majority of RéVive products, however, on occasion a masking agent will be introduced to make the product usage a lovely experience for our clients.

Reviews for Borghese US

  • 1/5

    I've been planting grass for a long time. The brand of revive is worthy of its reputation. It's a marvelous effect to shut up. Half of my head's shut up will disappear, and the other half is very small. Some shut up will turn into smallpox, and the smaller ones will disappear directly. It's really not easy to find a suitable product. I'm happy.

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  • 2/5

    Rev is really great. I used it once last year for pox, and it worked very fast. Later, I bought many things from his family, and used them as sensitive skin. His small bottle of green cream is very good, but it may be a little dry (I personally think that the oil skin will definitely love), but with the essence of it, it adds up very good results. If you have a closed mouth, acne, buy this cream, it will work one day, but I recommend collocation with essence, and the moisture retention will be better.

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  • 3/5

    Revive, an American brand. I've bought several bottles. It's very expensive. A box of eye cream more than 1000, cream is also. Not a Shanghai brand It's about the same price as the sea blue puzzle. Top brand of skin care products.

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Rate this merchant
Borghese US Shopping Policy

All US orders are shipped free of charge via USPS Class I mail. It also provides a 2-day fast delivery service with a fixed fee of 19.95 US dollars. Please note that spices can only be shipped within the continental United States via standard ground transportation.

Borghese US Return Policy

At Borghese, you may experience new products without risk. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. To return the product, please follow the instructions on the packing slip or call our customer service representative at 1-866-267-4437. Customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Standard Time.