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Swarovski US

Founded in 1895 in Austria, Swarovski designs, creates, and markets high-quality crystal as jewelry, accessories, decorative items, ornaments, and figurines. Swarovski is a name that's known worldwide, with its products available in boutiques and... Show More
Customer service: +1 800-426-3088
Headquarters: Wattens, Austria
Founded: 1895
Founders: Daniel Swarovski, Armand Kosman, Franz Weis
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Swarovski US Shopping Tips
  • Swarovski's membership plan allows you to get premium rewards.

  • Depending on the shipping method you choose, you can ship for free from Swarovski's website.

  • In addition to standard memberships, Swarovski also offers Swarovski Crystal Association memberships, giving you access to exclusive offers, sales and products.

  • If you create an account on their website, you will receive at least two emails each month, and these sales include some items that cost less than $ 50.

  • In addition to regular online stores, Swarovski also has an online store where you can find some discounted products. In many cases, the coupons you may be able to find even apply to online stores.

Swarovski US Shopping Policy

Free standard delivery service is available for orders over $ 75. If the order is less than US $ 75, a postage of US $ 6.95 will be required. If you are a consumer in other countries, it is recommended that you consult customer service to ensure that you can get the best price.

Swarovski US Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the goods received, you can contact customer service staff within 14 days to apply for a return. The damage will not be returned due to your own mistakes. You are responsible for the transportation cost of the returned goods, and you must take reasonable measures to ensure that the returned items are intact.