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Walgreens is one of the oldest and most reliable drugstore chains in the US. They specialize in pharmecuticals and grocery, but also offer tons of home items. They've been around for over 100 years, and with thier current reputation as a loved an... Show More
Customer service: +1 800-925-4733
Headquarters: Deerfield, IL
Founders: Charles Rudolph Walgreen
Parent organization: Walgreens Boots Alliance
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Walgreens Shopping Tips
  • "Health and Information Service" can be easily obtained through to obtain the necessary help.

  • Browse weekly ads to see the latest sales. Weekly advertisements also include coupons that are only valid in stores.

  • Sign up for email newsletters to get coupons for beauty care products, groceries, prescription drugs and health products.

  • By selecting a category in the Walgreens online store and then selecting the checkbox titled "Sales and Offers", you can purchase any category of merchandise in the "Sales" section.

  • Register on the Walgreens store and to receive Walgreens balance rewards to earn points. Balance Rewards members can redeem $ 1,000 points for $ 1 points, or save 40,000 points for $ 50.

Walgreens Shopping Policy

If you spend more than $ 35, Walgreens will provide you with free shipping. If the price is less than $ 35, you will bear the postage. If you are a consumer in other countries, we suggest that you contact customer service in advance to obtain the cheapest price.

Walgreens Return Policy

If you find that the received goods are damaged or the wrong goods are sent, you can contact the customer service personnel to apply for a return within 30 days or apply for a return on your own, and return the product as required. However, you must ensure that the returned product is in a new state. After receiving the goods, your expenses will be refunded to your account.